The Africa CSA Alliance: path to implementation

By Chris Armitage (World Vision) and Evan Girvetz (CCAFS)

One year since its launch, the Alliance makes progress towards improving the lives of 6 million farming households under climate change.

This time last year, the Africa Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) Alliance was launched at a side event during UN Climate Week 2014. Since then, the Alliance transitioned from developing and refining its continental structure, systems and frameworks, to facilitating multi-sectoral in-country engagement and collaboration, and supporting the development of national CSA plans and scaling-up proposals. The resulting country-level partnerships that have formed for CSA implementation reflect the core purpose of the Alliance and the significant progress being made towards its overarching goal of 6 million smallholder farm households practicing CSA by 2021.

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The Solution for the Future: the Africa CSA Alliance Reflections from the UN Climate Week in New York

The UN Climate week in New York, from 22nd September to 26th September 2014, provided the perfect platform for showcasing the Africa CSA Alliance and the significant milestones reached in its development – and, as it turned out, for gauging the interest and endorsement of global stakeholders.

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Introducing the Africa CSA Alliance (ACSAA)

by Martin Bwalya, Head of the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) in the NEPAD Agency

The AU-NEPAD-iNGO Alliance for Scaling-Up Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) in Africa (‘Africa CSA Alliance’) is continuing to make progress towards its goal of empowering 6 million farm households in Africa by 2021. Following its official launch on 25 June 2014 at the African Heads of State Summit in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, the Africa CSA Alliance has been engaged in a critical design and consultative phase.

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